Julia Noothout


Julia Noothout obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Medicine in 2013 from Utrecht University. In 2017 she received her Master of Science degree in Biomedical Image Sciences and with this combination of biomedical training and image processing related research she is able to combine her interest in functionality of the human body and medical imaging. In June 2017, Julia started her PhD at the Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht as part of the Quantitative Medical Image Analysis group, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Ivana Išgum. In 2019, Julia moved with the group to Amsterdam UMC – location AMC. Her PhD is a collaboration with Philips Healthcare and is part of the Deep Transfer Learning project of the Deep learning in medical image analysis (DLMedIA) program, with the application to cardiac (spectral) CT.

My projects and key scientific output