Our group

Who is qurAI group?

QurAI is an interfaculty group embedded in the Faculties of Medicine (Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics) and Science (Institute of Informatics) of the University of Amsterdam. Our mission is to enhance patient care by designing and enabling leading edge AI technologies in healthcare.

In 2020, after more than 15 years expertise in solving clinical challenges in medical image analysis, specially in the fields of radiology, cardiology, neonatology and ophthalmology, Ivana Išgum and Clarisa Sánchez founded qurAI with the ambition to enable groundbreaking AI methodology in patient care. The interfaculty nature of the group was their first step to close the common conceptual, and even physical, gap between curiosity-driven and use-inspired AI research in healthcare, and to cohere top, fundamental AI research and excellent clinical practice in one group.

QurAI is established to develop, validate and clinically integrate socially responsible AI solutions to solve data analysis challenges encountered in different steps of the patient pathway, from prevention and triage, through diagnosis and decision making, to care delivery and management.

Our aims are: