Alvaro Hervella


Alvaro S. Hervella received his Ph.D. degree (cum laude) in Computer Science from the University of A Coruña, Spain, in 2022. His thesis, conducted under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jorge Novo and Prof. Dr. José Rouco at the VARPA group, was focused on improving the training of deep neural networks with limited labeled data in medical imaging. For this purpose, he worked on leveraging multimodal imaging data for self-supervised learning and transfer learning. After his Ph.D., he obtained a postdoctoral fellowship to continue his research at the University of A Coruña, Spain, and started working on alternatives to improve the trustworthiness of AI algorithms in medical imaging. Currently, he is a visiting researcher at the qurAI group, University of Amsterdam, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Clarisa Sánchez. Previously, he has also worked at CEIT technology center, Spain, and was a visiting researcher at INESC TEC research center, Portugal.

My projects and key scientific output