Dimitrios Karkalousos


Dimitrios Karkalousos received his Bachelor’s degree in Information and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Ioannina, Greece. Particularly drawn into Image Synthesis, he enrolled in a joint master’s program from the University of West Attica, Greece, and the University of Limoges, France, in Informatics, Image Synthesis, and Graphics Design. For his Master’s thesis, entitled “Optimizing a Recurrent Inference Machine for Accelerated MRI Reconstruction using Deep Learning”, he moved to the Netherlands and worked at the Spinoza Centre of Neuroimaging, Netherlands, under the supervision of Dr. Matthan Caan. In 2019, he joined the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Max Welling and Dr. Matthan Caan, he worked with the Amsterdam team on the first fastMRI challenge, proposing the winning solution, an Invertible Recurrent Inference Machine, for fast and robust accelerated-MRI single coil reconstruction. Next, he started his Ph.D. at the Department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics, Amsterdam University Medical Center, Netherlands, under the supervision of Dr. Matthan Caan, Prof. Dr. Ivana Išgum, and Prof. Dr. Henk Marquering. In his research, Dimitrios aims to accelerate multiple tasks in MR imaging, such as reconstruction, segmentation, and quantitative imaging, using AI.

My projects and key scientific output