Gino Jansen


Gino obtained his master’s degree in medical engineering in 2021, from Eindhoven University of Technology. During his master’s program, he focused on deep learning, medical ultrasound, and signal processing. In 2020, he did an internship at Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT), where he developed an EMG classifier that enabled control over a drummer’s prosthesis. For his master’s thesis, he developed an AI-integrated ultrasound image reconstruction algorithm, to enhance image quality and reduce data throughput. Now, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Ivana Išgum, Dr. Bob de Vos and Dr. Berto Bouma, Gino is pursuing a PhD at the qurAI Cardiovascular Lab, at Amsterdam UMC. Here, he investigates AI-based risk stratification of coronary heart disease from echocardiography data.

My projects and key scientific output