Hoel Kervadec



Hoel Kervadec started in April 2024 as assistant professor in the qurAI group. Before that, he did a post-doc at the Erasmus MC, in Rotterdam, under the supervision of Marleen de Bruijne. He obtained his PhD in 2020 from the ÉTS Montréal, with Ismail Ben Ayed, Jose Dolz and Eric Granger as promotors.

His current research is at the intersection of computer vision, mathematical optimization and shape analysis, to develop data efficient methods for medical image analysis.

Hoel Kervadec is also very involved within the scientific community, notably as treasurer of the [MIDL Foundation](https://www.midl.io/), and publishing editor of the [Melba journal](https://melba-journal.org).

Personal website: https://hoel.kervadec.science/

My projects and key scientific output