AI for the analysis of cardiovascular risk in breast cancer survivors

Developing AI tools for personalized prediction of cardiovascular disease and body composition quantification in breast cancer survivors undergoing radiotherapy treatment planning CT








About project

Breast cancer is a prevalent and severe type of cancer that affects primarily women worldwide. With significant improvements in cancer care, the number of breast cancer survivors is increasing. Survivors are at a higher risk of developing other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease (CVD), neurovascular disease, weight gain, and osteoporosis.
Radiotherapy planning CT scans offer valuable information that can help identify risk factors of chronic conditions, such as artery calcification, high fat, and low muscle mass. Unfortunately, this information is not systematically analyzed or reported in daily clinical practice, which might result in patients not receiving timely treatment.
In this project, we will develop AI-based tools for comprehensive quantification of (early) signs of cardiovascular disease and quantification of body composition in radiotherapy planning CT scans.
The project is part of the Horizon Europe-funded ARTILLERY consortium.


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